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Guinea Fowl

The Guinea Fowl originated from Africa, they are excellent to control ticks and insects such as grasshoppers, crickets, slugs etc and have been known to attack snakes.

They are best left to free range on your farm 24/7, they will camp up in the nearby trees or on top of your poultry yards, and they eat the same grains that chickens eat.

Guinea hens lay from November to March, so during summer we usually have young baby guinea fowl, called keets, for sale.

It is best to buy guineas as keets so they have plenty of time to learn their environment so they dont fly away when they are old enough to be let out and free range.

Our Guinea fowl are heavy pied, which means they have alot of white on them. We have lavender and ivory coloured guineas.

Photos of our Guinea Fowl :

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