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Hall of Fame - Show Champions of 2013

Wauchope Poultry Club Annual Show

Above Left - Light Sussex Bantam Cockerel CHAMPION BIRD OF SHOW

Above Right - Light Sussex Large Cockerel CHAMPION LARGE SUSSEX IN SHOW

Softfeather Bantam Club Annual Show

Above - Light Sussex Bantam Cock CHAMPION SUSSEX IN SHOW

Wauchope Ag Show

Above Left - Light Sussex Large Pullet CHAMPION LARGE SUSSEX

Above Right - Light Sussex Cockerel CHAMPION BANTAM SUSSEX

Above - Quail d'anvers cockerel CHAMPION BELGIAN

Sydney Royal Easter Show

Above Left - Quail d'anvers Pullet CHAMPION BELGIAN BANTAM EXHIBIT

Above Right - Black d'anvers pullet CHAMPION BLACK D'ANVERS

Above Left - Lavender d'anvers Hen CHAMPION LAVENDER D'ANVERS

Above Right - Blue Quail d'anvers Pullet CHAMPION QUAIL AOC D'ANVERS

Above - Quail d'anvers cock BEST D'ANVERS MALE EXHIBIT

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