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The Sussex - "The Adaptable Utility Fowl"

Often described as the best utility breed around, the Sussex certainly delivers the goods for both the backyarder and the more experienced poultry-person alike. It's a good layer of well sized tinted eggs and for those so inclined its table properties are excellent.

The 'light' colour is the most common, with its black lacing around the neck and black tail, but the Sussex is also less commonly available in speckled, white, and coronation. Other still rarer colours are the buff, brown, red and silver. The Sussex is a large and graceful bird with a solid build, yet it's not tall.

The breed, being a heavy softfeather, will go broody, but the birds are not aggressive and are suitable for a family with children. The Sussex is popular for the small flock because it's robust and attractive whilst being a good producer. As it's a large bird, it does like to roam about the yard, and these birds do best with some greens and a bit is space.

The most important requirement of the Sussex breed is that it must be "broad, deep and long with a flat back. Carriage graceful, showing length of back, vigorous and well balanced. Back broad and square, carried well forward, with a long, straight and deep breast bone. Thighs short and stout, shanks short and strong, rather wide apart, free from feather with close fitting scales."

We specialise in several colours of Sussex, click on the links below to see more about our fowls.

Light Sussex
Coronation Sussex
Lavender Sussex
Silver Sussex


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